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These strands are, as the name suggests, a mystery until their arrival at your doorstep! Perfect for those of you who like surprises and/or already have a few WSS offerings in your jewelry box, and perfect as well for those who enjoy surprises and discounts! Each tier includes an approximately 20% discount off of the price it would have as its own pre-designed listing. These strands might be ones I have already designed, but they will more often than not be OOAK strands made specifically for you, or for the intended recipient. 

While the design and final stone selection will remain a mystery, I encourage folks to include the following information in a note prior to checkout:


1. occasion/commemorative/metaphysical purpose for the strand

2. any stones/colors you do NOT want

3. preferred bead size (small, average, large, a mix, all of the above, etc.)

4. preferred length(s). The $50 tier has a max length of 24', and the 75 a max length of 40"; and while all of the beads are superior quality, the higher the tier price and the shorter the strand, the fancier/pricier/rarer the beads in your strand will be :) 

5. any WSS strands you currently own (to make sure I don't send another your way)

6. Anything else you'd like me to know about you or the intended recipient.

Note: these strands will be all gemstone/crystal beads and will have a basic clasp. If you would like to add one or more pewter focal beads and/or a more elaborate clasp, please select the relevant add-on provided here and let me know what kind of beads/clasps you're hoping for! 


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