Caring for Your Strands

All strands are strung on the highest quality beading wire to ensure they last an age. You can extend the life of your strands and prevent damage by keeping the following in mind:

1. Storage: coil them loosely and place in a tray, dish or jewelry box. Avoid hanging them by hooks, as that will compromise the wire and/or clasp and encourages the wire to stretch (this is especially the case with heavier strands but applies to all).  

2. Avoid wearing strands in the shower/bath/when swimming. Never submerge them in water. 

3. As much as possible avoid spraying perfume, directly onto your strands and remove them prior to applying moisturizer/creams/sunscreen, etc. 

4. These strands are quality tested to ensure they can put up with quite a biota wear and tear, but there is only so much that beading wire can endure, and baby hands, doorknobs, etc., can do a number on a strand in a hurry. 

5. To clean: use a soft, dry washcloth (or a jewelry cloth) to remove any fingerprints, oils, etc.