Shop Policies

Returns: I do not typically offer returns/refunds/store credit/order cancellations, so please keep this in mind prior to making a purchase. 

Repairs: If your strand breaks, I can almost always repair and restring. Restringing fees are calculated based on the type of strand, length of time to repair/restring, and any replacement materials. Please use the contact form or my email to set up a repair job. 

Custom Order requests and process: I love accepting custom orders and working one on one with clients to make their visions come to life! In order to protect my maker time, I have created the following process for custom orders:

  • If a customer wishes for different stones but the same design as a strand either in my inventory or archive, the price will oftentimes be only nominally more expensive than the listing price of the original (final price depends on the stones being requested, adding or subtracting inches, etc). Design fees are rarely, if ever, needed for this option.
  • If a customer wants me to design a strand for them from scratch, reach out to me with the following details (as well as any other bits of information you want me to know up front!): length, stone preferences, requests for focals, size of beads (i.e. small/dainty or large, a mix, etc.), theme/vision (i.e. Aphrodite, memorial strand, commemoration of a milestone, birthstone, etc), desired budget. From here, I'll get in touch within 1-2 business days to follow-up with any questions, and at this point one of two things will happen:
    • if we only need a short conversation to get all the details ironed out, I'll calculate the total costs and inform the client, and then set up a custom listing for them. Customers will have 24hrs to purchase unless otherwise agreed upon.
    • if we need to talk at length to arrive at all of the choices/details, I will create a listing for a consultation fee, which is a flat rate of $30. Once that fee is paid we'll get to work on the specifics and ensure that you're fully happy with the plan before moving forward.

Payment plans: I offer a variety of options through Shopify, and returning customers have the option to reach out to set up layaway/non-refundable payment installments with me directly. In these instances, we sort out a list of deadlines for the payments, how many installments, etc., and the customer is responsible for timely payment of each installment, which must be paid on the day that it is due. Clients who do not pay all installments will be contacted with an initial alert, but if they do not respond within 48 hours, the reserved beads will be returned to my store inventory. 

Shipping: All strands currently ship out via USPS Priority with the option to have the package ensured for its maximum value. I bear no responsibility for lost/damaged packages, but will always do my utmost to help track down a package if it goes missing. I strongly encourage you to pay for package to be ensured for its maximum value to protect you if anything were to happen to it. 

Important note for International Customers: We will need to work through Etsy. Reach out to me prior to purchasing so that I can set up a listing for you there.